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The world famous geological wonder of Durdle Door

Durdle Door is a geological wonder known worldwide, with its massive rock arch on the Jurassic Coast, it is a stunning sight to behold.

The name durdle is derived from the old English “well-meaning drill or boar” and that's exactly what the ocean has done over many thousands of years battering the limestone rock and drilling out a cave which has itself eroded away to leave an archway to the open sea beyond remnants of other arches, and can be found dotted along the coast in the form of half-submerged stumps and in time that's all the remaining durdle door.

Durdle Door, one of the Dorset coastline's most renowned landmarks, was shaped in the Jurassic period, over 100 million years ago, Layers of limestone on this part of the coast were collapsed vertically around other strata of gentler rocks. As the movement of the ocean eventually breached the outer rock, creating a series of hollows, the erosive forces of the waves carved further caves and arches out of the softer rock behind, leaving arches of the harder limestone still standing in the sea. After some time, these are disintegrated and are reduced to pillars, known as stacks, which are separated and washed away.

Durdle Door is a beach perfect for bathing or snorkeling, Only a short walk from Lulworth Cove and makes a nice place to have picnic, sunbathe and go swimming, with the occasional dolphin in the bay. The perfect bay to relax and enjoy a summer afternoon on the south coast, busy in the summer, so we would suggest to go and explore it out of the main holiday summer season or you could swim away from the beach and find a more peaceful environment on your own. For off summer months you can take your wetsuit and enjoy the adventure even at a bit colder water temperatures.

These coastlines are a magnet for geologists and fossil hunters, beach perfect for bathing or snorkelling near one of the country's most iconic rock formations.

Only accessible by foot it takes 10 minutes or so to stroll down from the car park which is located at the door holiday park to the shingle beach. At the Holiday Park, there's a shop where you can grab an ice cream and essentials for your day on the beach, but don't forget anything it’s a long steep climb back up if you do. One of the advantages of a shingle beach is that the sea remains crystal clear, in fact the beach here is recommended by the Marine Conservation Society for its excellent water quality and dogs are allowed on the beach.

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