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Listing your bed & breakfasts, self-catering holiday cottages, hotels, guest houses, campsite, treehouse, static caravan, houseboat, campervan hire business or yurt from just £30 per year. Or our special introduction offer of £50 for 2 years. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t insist that bookings are taken through our website, although that option is available to you, we are happy to pass all enquiries directly on to you either via the contact form system. We simply track the flow of traffic that views your profile, phone number and clicks through to your website and provide you with these stats within your own dashboard which you can view at any time. We firmly believe that this is the fairest way for you to ensure that advertising with us is cost effective and that all booking enquiries actually reach you to complete the sale.

There are other websites that offer a similar service, but we believe that we are unique in the following ways:

Building a website is not enough, you must invest time and money on marketing and PR in order to drive traffic through the website. With over 11 years’ experience in Public Relations and marketing, combined with 17 years E-commerce/Web development experience this is the key strength of the team at Bluebells & Seashells.

The name of the business is purposely memorable, distinguishable and unforgettable. Having conducted many tests, we have yet to find someone that is unable to recall the name after only being told it once. This stands us out from the competition and encourages users of the website to return.

The media section of the website will focus on popular stories, newspaper articles that we may feature in. This is for the purpose of both entertainment, but more importantly search engine optimisation - ensuring that Bluebells & Seashells hits the top of the search engine listings.

We offer the most advanced search tool available. This ensures that if you offer your guests something unique or special, like classes or tutorials, then visitors to the site are quickly able to find you. If you have something special on offer that you would like to be considered, for our advanced search page, then please do get in touch.

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