Welcome to Bluebells & Seashells

Bluebells & Seashells, the online guide to establishments across Great Britain and news portal for the tourism industry is launching in July 2010.

To pre register your establishment in time for the launch, please complete the six-step registration process by clicking the Join now button.

  1. Please note that your listing will be added for six months for free. Following this, there is an annual subscription charge of £25 to list each property (unless you have been offered an early registration offer). We do not take commission for any bookings made through our website.
  2. In six months time we will contact you to request payment, and show you how many times your listing has been viewed. You will also be able to view the number of times your contact details have been viewed. However you are under no obligation to subscribe to Bluebells & Seashells if you are unsatisfied with the service.
  3. We believe in a fair, flat and honest online search tool to support British tourism, which is why we do not offer a variety of advertising packages at escalating costs. All property search results will also appear in random order on the site.
  4. You can enter details for more than one property and manage them all from the same account.
  5. Your establishment will be rotated on the home page listing, the week the website goes live.

Thank you for your interest in Bluebells & Seashells. We hope you share our vision to rediscover and endorse all that is beautiful about Great Britain.

Jo, Tim & Laura

Our core values:

  1. To actively promote the Staycation;
  2. To support British businesses and keep GDP on home soil;
  3. To reignite the love for Great Britain;
  4. To take no commission for bookings;
  5. Encourage tourism from abroad;
  6. To offer a transparent and flat fee structure;
  7. To work with, not against your current booking agency.