Why chose a holiday in Wales? Well the list of reasons is endless. Wales has allot to offer the holiday maker, whether you chose to relax and take in the warm friendly people and hospitality or enjoy the countryside and many activities on offer. Renting a cottage is the perfect way to experience the countries charms, mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys and quaint villages. Wales is a truly memorable country which is steeped in history, and has stories and legends that have been passed down generations, Beddgelert for example the Prince and his trusty dog with an untimely and unfortunate demise, and not forgetting King Arthur and his knights. Choosing to rent a cottage in Wales is the perfect way to have a base from which to explore and discover the cultural heritage. There are endless properties to chose from catering for all types of traveller. Whether you are looking to find a luxurious retreat in the valleys or a basic base from which to explore one of Wales many villages there is literally something for everyone, and with the latest census gauging the population of Wales at just under 3 million, with the most populated areas being in the south, this leaves much of the north remaining largely untouched and underdeveloped. Perfect for those looking to take in the scenery and avoid the hustle and bustle of many tourist attractions. Wales is a country of outstanding natural beauty, its no wonder so many wonderful poets have been born out of this spectacular land not to mention the many poems written in its honour. However if tourist attractions are what you are after then Wales wont leave you hungry for those either. Holiday cottages in Wales are not hard to come by, with something available for every budget. So if checking out those tourist attractions is something you'd like to do, check out our top 5 below. We have also compiled a top 5 activities to enjoy in Wales, along with top 5 natural beauty spots to visit.
Tourist Attractions
2, Millennium Stadium - http://www.millenniumstadium.com/
3, Great Orme Copper Mine - http://www.greatormemines.info/
4, Visiting any of its many castles (Conwy a favourite) - http://www.conwy.com/castle.html
2, Golf - At St Davids - http://www.royalstdavids.co.uk/
3, Mountain Climbing - in Pembrokshire - http://www.pembrokeshireclimbingclub.co.uk/
3, Surfing - In the Gower - http://www.gowersurfing.com/
Natural Beauty Spots
5, The Llyn Peninsula - http://www.llyn-wales.co.uk/
Wales may be a smallish country but what it lacks in size it makes up for in charm and character. Beauty spots, activities and tourist attractions are so readily accessible, there are just no excuses or reasons not to book a cottage in Wales and hop, skip, jump, drive, ride, climb, swim or even walk along to any which take your fancy. Enjoy.........

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