About Bluebells & Seashells

Bluebells & Seashells is the creation of two work-at-home mums who share a passion for Great Britain and who wish to reignite the love that we seem to have lost for our wonderful group of islands. Whether you are looking for Cottages in Wales, Norfolk or Scotland or a bed & breakfast in Devon, Cornwall or Northern Ireland, we have thousands of unique and interesting properties to choose from.

Using our PR experience and skills, we will be working hard to raise awareness of our tourist industry across the media, both encouraging overseas visitors but also helping Brits to rediscover the wonderful benefits of the staycation.

We don’t believe that there has ever been a better time, or excuse to get out and explore Britain’s wonderfully historic towns, countryside and coast because to us, holidaying at home means:

  1. No volcano’s leaving you stranded overseas unable to get back and collect the cat from the kennels;
  2. No airline strikes and finding yourself stuck in an airport with a £5 meal voucher when everything on the menu is £12;
  3. No worrying about the ups and downs of currency exchange rates, or getting concerned that your ice cream is costing you more than one day’s salary; and
  4. No worrying that the item you selected on the menu, isn’t actually going to mean that you’ll be eating duck tongue for supper!

Joanna Thorne, Founder, Jo has been working in public relations for over 11 years and brings with her an extensive network of media contacts and experience of creating column inches across newspapers, the internet, radio and TV.

Tim Earney, Tim is a professional photographer and workplace mediator by profession. With a great love of the outdoors and British countryside, Tim has spent time coppicing trees and enjoys nothing more than kayaking rivers seeking out beauty spots.

Rowena Earney, Part owner, Rowena is a mum and a mum to be and is married to Tim’s first cousin. Previously a teacher, with a degree in English and Education, she is now enjoying a much less stressful life that working from home provides. Rowena is quickly becoming an expert in SEO and online marketing.